Cover Image for Wiper blade replacements
Wiper blade replacements

For some reason, I need to write a post about replacing wiper blades. (Thanks Subaru!)

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Cover Image for What can Used Oil Analysis tell us about a failed engine?

After my engine failure earlier this year, I sent a blind sample into Blackstone Labs to see what they would detect in the oil. I was surprised the results did not significantly diverge from previous tests, so reached out to them to learn more.

Cover Image for Oil Cooler, Rev. 2
Oil Cooler, Rev. 2

After my original Jackson Racing oil cooler could not be reinstalled due to oil line abrasion, I made a handful of changes to my oil cooler configuration to try and achieve more efficient cooling.

Cover Image for Installation guide: Low-cost grill mesh
Installation guide: Low-cost grill mesh

Adding a metal grill insert to your existing bumper allows you to protect your radiator and oil cooler from rock impacts and rodents. And it’s dirt cheap.

Cover Image for GR86 vs BRZ: Technically speaking
GR86 vs BRZ: Technically speaking

Many people make their 86 purchasing decision based on looks or brand affiliation. There's nothing wrong with that, but there are a handful of material differences you’ll want to be aware of before buying a second generation twin.